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YESHUA Skin Cosmetics

YESHUA Skin Cosmetics 

Calling all Glow Getters! The LumiGlo Powder is HERE!

Woman applying makeup powder on her cheeks

Forget the hunt, your quest for the perfect glow ends now!  The LumiGlo Powder by YESHUA Skin Cosmetics™ is here to take the beauty world by storm, and for good reason. This vegan highlighter is your secret weapon to a multi-dimensional radiance that flatters every single skin type. Seriously, EVERYONE can rock this glow!

Imagine this: Silky smooth powder melting into your skin, creating a soft, shimmering sheen that builds to a bold, head-turning highlight with just a touch of your fingertips. Want something more diffused?  Grab your fluffiest brush and buff in some luminosity. The LumiGlo Powder is your glow on-demand, with endless possibilities! 

Woman applying makeup on her cheek

But wait, there's more!  This magical powder is also:

  • 100% Vegan - friendly and good for your gorgeous skin

  • Paraben and Talc Free - because clean beauty is the best kind of beauty

  • Made in North America with love and high-quality standards (we take our glow seriously!)

  • Travel-friendly 11g size - your purse's new best friend!

Our site is BUZZING with excitement over the LumiGlo Powder, and it's no surprise!  People love the versatility, the clean ingredients, and the fact that it lets them shine on-the-go.

Woman holding a makeup compact

LumiGlo Powder isn't a one-size-fits-all glow!

We know everyone has unique skin tones, so we created two stunning shades to flatter them all.  For a natural, dewy finish that enhances your skin's own radiance, choose our "Daylight Dream" shade (Dewy).  Craving a touch of glamour?  Our "Golden Hour" shade (Glowy) delivers a vivacious golden glow that's perfect for night or a day when you want to feel extra special.  Scroll down to see the swatches and find your perfect match!  No matter your complexion, LumiGlo Powder is designed to make your skin look absolutely luminous.  Apply it after foundation and concealer, but before bronzer and blush, to create a dimensional, sculpted look that flatters your natural beauty.  Get ready to be amazed by your lit-from-within glow!

Makeup swatches
LumiGlo Swatches

Ready to unlock YOUR inner radiance?  Don't wait!  LumiGlo Powder is here to help you embrace your luminous self and achieve that coveted glow.  Let your confidence shine as bright as your highlight! 

Remember, beauty is about feeling like the best version of YOU. The LumiGlo Powder is just here to give you a little extra sparkle. So join the glow-getters and grab yours today!

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