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Get That Lit-From-Within Look: Mixing Illuminator with Moisturizer

Woman with makeup smeared on her face

Mixing Illuminator with Moisturizer

Ever wonder how some people just seem to have a natural, radiant glow? Well, there's a little trick makeup artists use that you can easily incorporate into your routine: mixing liquid face illuminator with your moisturizer!

Here's why this works:

  • Subtle Shine:  Illuminator adds a touch of shimmer to your skin, mimicking a natural, dewy complexion.  Mixing it with moisturizer ensures a sheer, even application, avoiding the risk of looking overly highlighted.

  • Hydration Boost:  Moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated, which plumps it up and reflects light better, giving you a natural glow from within.

  • Easy Application:  This mixing technique is perfect for beginners who might find applying highlighter directly a bit intimidating.

How to Do It:

  1. Start with a clean, dry face. Apply your usual moisturizer.

  2. Pump a small amount of moisturizer onto your palm. A pea-sized amount is usually enough.

  3. Add just a tiny dot of liquid illuminator to the moisturizer. Remember, a little goes a long way here!

  4. Mix it together on your palm until well combined.

  5. Gently apply the mixture to your entire face, focusing on areas where light naturally hits, like your cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid's bow.

Woman with glowing skin

Tips for a Natural Glow:

  • Less is More:  It's always easier to add more than to take away. Start with a very small amount of illuminator and gradually add more until you reach your desired level of glow.

  • Match Your Skin Type:  If you have oily skin, opt for a water-based illuminator to avoid looking greasy. For dry skin, a cream-based illuminator will offer extra hydration.

  • T-Zone Control:  Skip applying the mixture to your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) as these areas tend to be naturally oilier. Highlighting them can make them look shiny.

Get glowing with this simple trick and enjoy a radiant, natural-looking complexion!


Dry Skin? Say Goodbye to Dullness!

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A bottle of face lotion
Extreme Moisture Blend (Beauty Buffer Exclusive)

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  • Combat dullness: Watch your skin come alive with a radiant, healthy glow!

  • Soothe and calm: Reduce irritation and discomfort with gentle, natural extracts.

Don't wait!  Subscribe to the Beauty Buffer Plan today and unlock the secret to a healthy, hydrated glow.  Your skin will thank you!


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