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Mane Finesse: The Ultimate Hairstyle Guide for Every Guy (and His Hair Type)

Close up profile portrait of a man's face

Own your Look with this Guy Hairstyle Guide

Hey guys, let's face it. Hair can be a battlefield. From taming wild curls to adding volume to flat styles, finding the right cut and product can feel like cracking the Da Vinci Code. But fear not, fellow follicular warriors! This blog is your one-stop shop for slaying the hair game, no matter your ethnicity or mane situation.

Short Cuts: Sharp and Effortless

Got straight, wavy, or coily hair? A short cut is a timeless classic. It's low maintenance, perfect for hot weather, and can be styled in a variety of ways. The buzz cut is a super-short option for a clean, cool look. For something a bit more playful, try a fade with a little extra length on top. And for our curly kings, a short Afro is a statement cut that celebrates your natural texture.

Pro Tip: Use our amazing styling wax with a matte finish to keep your short style sharp and defined throughout the day.

Close up profile portrait of a man's face
Fade Cut

Mid and Short Wavy: Embrace the Flow

Wavy hair is a gift, fellas. It's got texture, movement, and endless styling possibilities. For medium-length waves, a textured crop is a trendy choice. This cut keeps the sides short and lets the waves flow on top.

Close up portrait of a man's face
Textured Crop

Feeling beachy? A mid-length surfer cut with some strategically placed highlights will have you channeling your inner California cool.

Close up portrait of a man's face
Mid-Length Surfer Cut

Pro Tip: Our styling wax with its flexible hold is perfect for taming and defining your waves. Work a small amount through damp hair and scrunch for effortless, beachy vibes.

Cornrows: A Legacy of Style

Cornrows are a protective style with a rich history. They're perfect for coily hair and offer endless design possibilities. Whether you go for classic straight-back braids, intricate geometric patterns, or a combination of both, cornrows are a bold and stylish choice.

Pro Tip: After getting your cornrows done, use a small amount of our styling wax to tame any flyaways and keep your braids looking sleek.

Close up portrait of a man's face

Professional Cuts with a Polished Touch

Need a hairstyle that transitions from the boardroom to the after party? Look no further! A classic side part on short or medium-length hair is a universally flattering option. For a modern twist, try a textured quaff with our styling wax for added volume and a touch of personality.

Pro Tip: Our styling wax with its glossy finish adds a touch of polish to any professional cut. Apply a small amount to dry hair and style as desired.

Close up portrait of a man's face
Professional Cut

The Secret Weapon: Our All-Star Define Wave Styling Wax

Throughout this epic hair journey, we've mentioned a secret weapon: our incredible styling wax. Made with natural ingredients like beeswax and safflower oil, it provides a medium hold for all hair types. Plus, it's easily spreadable and doesn't harden like gels, giving you the flexibility to style and re-style throughout the day.

So, guys, go forth and conquer your hair! With our styling guide and the beauty of our all-star styling wax, you'll be rocking a head-turning hairstyle no matter your ethnicity or hair type. Remember, confidence is the best accessory, so own your look and unleash your mane finesse!

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